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What our clients say

“Dawn has just added 6 months back to my life!  She worked one on one with me and my parents to help distribute 60 years of life together when they had to downsize their home.  Dawn you have made this emotional time so much faster and easier for our family than I could have ever done. I recommend Dawn to EVERYONE!”


"I relied on Dawn Janssen’s expertise and energy.  While other aspects of the estate took me away from dealing directly with many household items and tools, she took charge and got the job done with honesty and integrity.  I’m one step closer to getting the residence ready for sale."

— karl Shackelford, Executer  


"DAWN JANSSEN IS AN ESTATE SALE GODDESS WHO IS ABLE TO SPIN STRAW INTO SOLID GOLD!!! I contracted with her business, Simplify Life, to do an estate sale for our family. When we first met with her, we had what looked like a bunch of "old stuff” that maybe had some small amount of value. But, as soon as Dawn took a quick look at everything, she was instantly impressed with the great potential of many things we had! So, we trusted her completely to inventory, research, price, advertise, stage, run the Estate Sale, clean up afterwards, and clear out the house at the end. We were rewarded with an empty house ready for the realtor and an impressive pile of cash to boot! We were nothing short of amazed at Dawn's ability to dig carefully through everything and uncover many buried treasures we had no idea we even had! Seriously, she is a miracle worker who is a consummate professional and can be trusted 100% to prepare and execute a hugely successful Estate Sale! She is full of energy and expertise and works tirelessly on every detail to ensure that Simplify Life maintains a stellar reputation! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dawn and her business. We are extremely grateful for everything she did for us!"

— Robin Smith, Austin TX


"Simplify Life has been a great addition to my team! From full Estates to organizing, I rely on Dawn to get my sellers ready to list their home by decluttering, packing, selling, or whatever it takes to get rid of extra furniture and unwanted personal belongings. She is efficient, honest and gets the job done quickly. Highly recommend."

— Amani Wang, Realtor -Luxury Homes Division, Keller Williams Realty


"After eight years of marriage, we had a lot of leftover clutter that resulted from the challenge of combining two households.

We were down to our midnight hour of getting through it all… Enter Dawn, an angel! We can stand in our garage and actually do a 360 without ducking or pulling our arms in to avoid collision. We can find things in our storage shed, closets, bedroom drawers, and bathroom cabinets. Not only do they sort, and provide you an itemized list with photos for all donated items to use for that 1040 form, they also list and help manage your resalable items on the internet for you.

Now that’s service! Hire them, use them, you will not be disappointed and your life will be so very much better for it."

— John and Cheryl


"Simplify Life saved my life. I was very overwhelmed with how much work needed to be done on my parents’ home. They were both hoarders for 15 years. The smell and abundance of stuff was very overpowering. Dawn came in and conquered it all. They took care of everything from getting the trash out to putting ads on Craigslist and selling it for me. They called me every day with an update of how things were going and what was going to happen the next day. I didn't have to worry about anything. They also looked after my father who was still in the house for a couple of weeks while they were working. The would bring him food and look in on him all day. They would go and keep him company by just talking with him while they worked. They are the kindest most thoughtful people and they don't think twice about being there for their clients and their families. Their grace comes naturally and from their hearts. I don't know enough words to express my appreciation and admiration."

— A Grateful Client


"Your level of service is extraordinary! From garage cleaning to auto selling to general advice on getting rid of "stuff", there seems no job you can't tackle and complete successfully. Thank you!"

— Dosh

Recently, my sister and I hired Dawn Janssen for an estate sale for my grandmother.  Dawn was awesome!  She was ready to jump right in and start.  She immediately started organizing the items, advertising the sale and displaying the photos of the items on her website.  Her pictures were very clear, well staged and very good lighting.  Throughout the week, she added more photos for the upcoming sale.  She kept us up to date during the week of the sale on what was going on, which was very helpful since we were out of state.  She also sent us pictures of how she staged items in the house.  Her setup was very clever and gave out a fun, festive feeling.  She crafted a unique name for the sale.  The sale went great!  She informed us of progress during the sale weekend.  After the sale was over, she organized the "empty the house" items - coordinated the donations, removal of trash and other items.  The whole experience went very well from start to finish.  She was up beat and high energy!  I really appreciated the text updates and the photo updates on her website.  I highly recommend Dawn from Simplify Life if you need an estate sale!!

—Merrilee Barta


"We love estate sale shopping and look forward to your sales.  You always have fair prices and very friendly, helpful staff."

— Margie Blevins


"Simplify Life was truly a blessing for my family and me. We were left with a houseful of memories that none of us could let go of. Knowing full well that we couldn't take everything, we needed a third party. Dawn came into our home and we discussed the inventory. Her estimated value was practically spot on. Not only were we able to forget about it, by the time I could blink she was ready to open the doors for business. She transformed the house into a professional, elegant showroom, held the sale and kept me informed. She was meticulous in her organization and presentation and respecting the memory of our mother was at the forefront of her objective. We weren't able to purge everything but Dawn set up a pick up date for donation which was extremely convenient for everybody. I know that I spent months in that house trying to organize and plan for liquidation and came nowhere near what she was able to do in one week. I am truly thankful for the service that Dawn and the staff of Simplify Life provide. I would recommend them for anybody in our situation or anybody just needing to clear the clutter. Thank you!"

— Joseph Heilman, Austin TX


"SIMPLIFY LIFE, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

I love you for the passion with which you made order out of chaos during a particularly difficult time in my life. You will never be forgotten for the long hours and diligence you invested organizing mountains of trinkets and coveted memories, which had been closely guarded by a 93 year old woman who had recently crossed over. Forgotten scarves, rings and bangles released to the light of day, delicately and respectfully displayed that those who proudly brought them home understood the adoration they once held."

— Mr. J.B.


"Simplify Life did absolutely everything they said they would in a way that was incredibly respectful of my Mom and her life's possessions. They are hard-working and honest, and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to organize, simplify, and/or liquidate assets. Thank you Dawn - we couldn't have asked for more!!"

— Courtney O.


"You ladies are like angels- I'm so grateful for all the work you did and how wonderful and trustworthy you are. I could not have done this huge move without you!"

— Larry


"Dawn provided invaluable assistance in organizing my belongings for a move out West. She made it easy and fun to decide what I needed to keep, sell, donate and/or dispose of. We had lots of laughs and conversation as we accomplished this significant task. I have made a friend to cherish."

— Judy F