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The Mission

To serve with caring integrity, organizing positive solutions that are unique to each client and situation.

The Owner

Dawn Janssen is a life long entrepreneur and successful business owner. Her love for antiques, collectibles, design, sales, service and project management brings her joy.  Her passion fuels a wealth of knowledge, expertise, creativity, enthusiasm and vision to Simplify Life; a business that is a tailor made culmination of  her experiences and talents.


  • You are VERY afraid to look under the bed!
  • You wouldn't be surprised if there was a skeleton in your closet.
  • Your $30,000 car has never seen the inside of the garage-it’s storing $200 of junk for when you have that garage sale.
  • Something is under all those papers and you’re pretty sure it’s a desk.
  • You should really be wearing a helmet when you open a cupboard.
  • You pay for storage every month but probably can’t name 5 things in it.
  • There’s been a reverse robbery. Someone broke in your home and left all this stuff!
  • Those random piles of paper are actually a sophisticated filing system.
  • There is literally no room anywhere to swing a cat!
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