Simplify Life

Professional Estate Sales and Organization Services

Moving Services

We make it easy on you by doing one, some or all:

  • Plan your move
  • Rightsize and sort
  • Help you decide what to take, donate, give away, sell, or trash
  • Select and coordinate with a mover
  • Hold a garage sale
  • Sell on Craigslist or Ebay
  • Coordinate with Estate sale provider
  • Arrange donation pickup and/or delivery
  • Pack/Unpack
  • Put everything away
  • Set up kitchen, office, mudroom, bedroom, bath- any room!

Home Staging

Encourage potential buyers to visualize living in your home by removing excess items and arranging remaining furnishings and art to create balance and flow


We can advise on what is sellable and what isn't - then determine the best avenue to meet your needs:

  • donated for tax deduction
  • garage saled
  • sold on Craigslist, Ebay
  • sent to consignment
  • sold at an estate sale

We coordinate with trustworthy and established estate sellers and consignment shops, movers, trash haulers, other service providers

Clutter Remediation

When you decide you are ready to do something about it,  we:

  • help you plan the project
  • help you find what you have
  • facilitate decision making 
  • do the physical work involved- the lifting, carrying, boxing, moving, etc., to get your stuff where you want it (may be given away, or sold, or recycled, or even trashed) 
  • respect you, your space, your things and keep your confidences

Garage Reorganization

Your vehicle is probably worth more than the current items that prevents you from parking in the garage.  YES you can park your vehicle inside where it will be protected from the elements.  In as little as 3 hours we can restore order to your garage or carport

  • Utilize your current storage solutions to properly and efficiently store and organize your things
  • Properly store or dispose of chemicals, paints and cleaning solutions
  • Find items you forgot you had and no longer need - which can be sold or donated 


Sell Stuff

Garage Sale Preparation:

  • will set up a "storefront" to make it customer and seller friendly
  • will price and label your items


  • We can take quality digital images of your item(s), create and post ad(s) that you answer and manage on Craigslist, Ebay, etc.,  - this service is included in the basic labor rate
  • Commission for items we actively sell for you (market/advertise, take calls/emails, show, collect) is 40% of sale price.
  • We are sales oriented and strive to get top dollar for your items.
  • Let us turn what has become a liability back into a cash asset.